Közzétéve Szerző HUP


A Sortix egy apró, self-hosting Unix-like operációs rendszer, amelynek fejlesztése 2011 ót tart és amelyen tiszta, modern POSIX implementációnak szán a fejlesztője.

Főbb tulajdonságai, jellemzői:

  • Everything is part of an coherent whole.
  • Homemade kernel.
  • Homemade libc.
  • POSIX implementation.
  • NetBSD’s libm (will likely be replaced by musl’s libm).
  • Homemade shell utility programs.
  • Shell environment with common Unix programs.
  • Documentation and user guides.
  • Games (asteroids, quake).
  • C and C++ compilers.
  • Development headers and libraries are included.
  • Text editor.
  • Unicode support.
  • System source code is included.
  • Ports of third party programs and libraries.
  • User-space filesystems.
  • ext2 filesystem support.
  • mbr partition table support.
  • PATA PIO harddisk driver (AHCI driver not merged yet).
  • Memory mapped IO.
  • Unix sockets.
  • Kernel debugger.
  • Non-blocking IO.
  • Date and time support.
  • Process groups.
  • chroot.
  • Line editing in the shell.
  • Pthreads.
  • #! magic sequence supported.
  • Unix Signals.
  • Symbolic links.
  • Regression tests.
  • BGA graphics driver for virtual machines.
  • Incorporates Sortix libz, a clean fork of zlib.

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