PC-BSD 10.0.2

Közzétéve Szerző HUP

A napokban Kris Moore bejelentette, hogy megjelent a PC-BSD soron következő negyedéves frissítése, a 10.0.2-es kiadás. Benne számos fontos hibajavítás, új csomagok és frissített desktopok – például KDE 4.12.5, Cinnamon 2.2.13, Gnome 3.12.2 – találhatók. Érdekesség továbbá, hogy szerepel benne a Lumina desktop alpha kiadása is. Fontosabb változások:

  • KDE 4.12.5
  • Cinnamon 2.2.13
  • Gnome 3.12.2
  • Alpha release of Lumina desktop
  • Revamped AppCafe and PBI subsystems, integrated fully with FreeBSD’s PKGNG
  • AppCafe support for application screenshots, 5-Star rating system and comments integrated with our Wiki
  • Unified various UI elements and keyboard shortcuts
  • Integrated package cleanup functionality into AppCafe / PBI system
  • Updated Control Panel UI with additional view options and asynchronous item reading
  • Improved UI notification between applications and tray notification systems
  • Added PulseAudio as default audio backend for all packages which can support it
  • Added full-disk encryption options with GELI, which does *not* require a separate un-encrypted /boot partition
  • Support for automatic boot-environment creation before doing any upgrades or updates to the system or packages
  • Boot-environment support for full-disk encrypted installations
  • Added support for adding snapshot “Comments”
  • Options to set L2Arc / ZIL devices during installation
  • Many other bugfixes and improvements to Life-Preserver, Warden and more

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