NetBSD 6.0 RC2

Közzétéve Szerző HUP

A NetBSD fejlesztők nevében Jeff Rizzo a napokban bejelentette a NetBSD 6.0 második kiadásra jelölt verzióját. Javítások az RC1 óta:

  • The vax port shared library issue is resolved, and vax is once again
  • ntpd(8) broadcast transmission is fixed
  • i486 support is fixed in the i386 port.
  • Interrupt issues on some PowerPC machines are fixed
  • display on a Xen amd64 DOM0 is now working again
  • a pmap_growkernel() issue which causes some systems to reset very early in the boot process is fixed.
  • CVE-2012-4244 was addressed by updating bind to 9.9.1-P3
  • A few issues with FFS extended attributes were fixed
  • a bug in NPF’s icmp handling was fixed.
  • A panic which could happen when an NFS rename failed has been fixed.

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