Lumina desktop environment 1.0.0

Közzétéve Szerző HUP

Körülbelül négy évnyi fejlesztés után megjelent a Lumina desktop environment első hivatalos kiadása. A fejlesztők célja egy egyszerű, szerény, nem tolakodó desktop környezet létrehozása volt. Tulajdonságok:

  • For Users
    • Completely customizable interface! Rather than having to learn how to use a new layout, change the desktop to suit you instead!
    • Simple shortcuts for any application! The “favorites” system makes it easy to find and launch applications at any time.
    • Extremely lightweight! Allows applications to utilize more of your system hardware and revitalizes older systems!
    • Multiple-monitor support! Each monitor is treated as an independent entity – making it great for presentation systems which use a temporary monitor or for workstations which utilize an array of monitors for various tasks.
  • For System Administrators
    • Personalize the initial settings for users with a single configuration file!
      • Default applications
      • Appearance settings (Theme, Colors, Wallpaper(s), Icons, Fonts, etc)
      • Interface layout (desktop icons/plugins, panels, etc)
      • Favorite apps/files
      • and more!
    • Provides a stable and consistent experience across updates. Cut down on your support time for end-user systems!
  • For System Builders
    • Easily ported to various operating systems (OS), with various optional features setup within a single source file for each OS. Already ported to:
      • BSD OS’s: TrueOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, DragonflyBSD, NetBSD
      • Linux OS’s: Debian, Gentoo, kFreeBSD, generic “Linux”
    • Easily add customized config files for your OS (wallpaper, interface settings, etc).
    • Minimal dependencies
      • Qt5.2+, Fluxbox, xscreensaver, XCB libraries, other small OS utilities as needed.

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