Lumina Desktop 0.8.0

Közzétéve Szerző HUP

A PC-BSD projekt blogján bejelentette, hogy elérhető az általuk fejlesztett Lumina desktop környezet következő, 0.8.0-s kiadása. Ez a Lumina első Qt5 alapokra építkező változata. Újdonságok:

  • Uses Qt5 (tested with 5.2) instead of Qt4. This also brings in a new dependency on the XCB libraries.
  • Uses the new QMultimedia framework instead of Phonon for playing multimedia files. This has much better results when playing audio/video files through the Insight file manager.
  • New built-in single application framework for the Lumina project (no more external dependency for this, and it works on all OS’s).
  • New task manager mode (no groups). This reproduces the traditional task manager functionality of one button per window, and it lists the window title for each button. For ease-of-use, this mode is treated as a distinct/new panel plugin through the Lumina configuration utility.
  • The task manager “action” menu (right-click) now has many more options that are auto-generated based on the current window state.
  • The lumina-open crash reporter for applications now provides details about the crash from the application (if any are available).

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